Thursday, December 27, 2007



What a blessing. Brooklyn's shirt just looks like Christmas to me! She doesn't wear red very often. I think I'm partial to pink.

Toys Toys Toys

Brooklyn likes to go and play in her room by herself. She came to get me and show me her suprise. This is pretty much every single stuffed animal she owns and they were all looking towards the baby up against the wall. She has done this before and I didn't get a picture. She is very blessed with a wonderful imagination. It is great for me too:) What a kid.


Our fabulous snowman. This pictures was taken before Brooklyn got a new coat. The poor girl, it is so small on her. She sure loves the snow and the cold doesn't bother her either.

Snow and lots of it!

We took the girls up American Fork canyon. What a beautiful sight. It sure was cold though.


Aubrey didn't want to go down on the sled but she didn't mind the snow.
The sun was really bright on this particular day as we were running erands so she asked if she could wear my sunglasses. And then it happened.....she fell asleep:) You gotta love it!


This girl looks innocent but wait.....

and she will pull a fast one:) She asked to take these pictures! It was so cute. I love, love her and her fun personality. What a light in my life she is. She has such a big heart and is beautiful inside and out.


I love this SMILE!


Here we go! She is a pro. I really love these pictures! These are the original pictures in action:) I definitly need to get better at posting them in a lot better order, sorry.
She wanted to pretend she was eating her house!

What concentration!

Those really are hard to squeeze!


Gingerbread houses are so much fun! I did not grow up ever making them. Jeff on the other hand does not remember a Christmas without it! My girls also love the tradition. Aubrey did a great job:) I love these pictures of her in action!

This happened about a month ago but I thought it was really funny! She thought it was funny too. It is kinda strange because I have a picture of me in this very same sinerio.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shop Shop Shop!

It is such a busy time of year and I love it. But of course we need to remember the true meaning of Christmas. The reason we celebrate and come together as family and friends. I am thankful for my savior and his sacrafice for me. I love almost everything about Christmas! I don't love when me to do list keeps getting longer. I still need to download my recent pictures. Happy Shopping:)

Friday, December 7, 2007


Lets just say we have a few fans in the family. Jeff took the picture:)


This little one doesn't really care about anything but the lights. Anywhere that there are lights, she loves it. Oh! I was doing a haircut and she was upstairs with Brooklyn and she THREW one of the glass ball orniments on to that tile you see in the background. I think she thought it was really a ball and she was pretty worried when it broke. Of course it shattered. I actually thought it was kinda funny:) I didn't get a picture, darn.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....

This is my angel! So she says, she wants Santa Clause to bring her lots of presents. She may look innocent but her family could tell you otherwise. She LOVED putting up the tree. She Loves snow and thinks that everytime it snows that means it is Christmas Day:) She will do anything for toys. Brooklyn is so excited!!