Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some major catch up...

Oh he is so so handsome!!!
Do you think he asked for a makover.... maybe??!! Say cheese!! he was poseing like his sister did previously:)

Easton and his little buddy Landon!! They are 3 weeks apart

So so Cute!!

I can't forget him....

Sorry this little guy was such a cute football player and he didn't post near the other halloween costumes!!

okay..... so a little catch up:)

Fall time Crazy hair day at school!! My good friend shelley is a hairdresser and had some great product for this:)
She told me she wanted to win the crazyiest hair and guess what.... she didn't!! Close though

Happy Halloween
Happy Birthday Honey!! You might start a fire!!!

We went crazy and decided to dress up this year!! It was really fun

My hello kitty and Princess....

Ginger bread houses!!! So fun

And i can't believe it but CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!!!

preschool christmas program!! so cute Aubs!!!