Monday, June 23, 2008

WASATCH BACK RELY first 5K was actually just a warm up run for my BIG race. I don't know how many of you have heard of this crazy race. A team of 12 people run a rely from Logan to Park City. Crazy people huh. So I decided to challenge myself and I'm so amazed that I'm still alive. My runs consisted of 5 and 1/2 miles then 8 hours later 5 miles then another 7 hours later 5 miles again!!! Oh man....I had no idea what I signed up for.

Here I come with my first big run and Boy oh Boy was it HOT!!!

ROB was always there for you to give you water. About every mile you could have your team pull over the van and give you water and lots and lots of encouragment!!

There I go.....hoping that the end is in sight. Hoping I can last til the end. Hoping I don't pass out. I made it!!! And I only have pictures of my first run because my camera battery died. Oh well, I was looking really cute as you can tell by the next picture.

Here we are as dead as ever!! What great team work though. I think I'm even crazy enough to say I would do it again:) 6 out of the 12 of us are family. My 3 cousins and my aunt and uncle. Uncle Rob is the one that put it together last year and it was a blast!!!! I could give you lots more details but.......I think I need to go and take a naP.

Monday, June 16, 2008


We love camping!! I hope to do lots and lots of it this summer.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

WARNING: This is a very LONG have been warned


Here we are, 10 years later. And we haven't changed a bit:) I was lucky even to take a trip to Florida with my 4 best friends from High School!! We left our kids with the husbands, Two of the girls were pregnant and off we went. We flew into Georgia were two of them live and rode tripped into Destin, Florida heading for the beach. What a weekend. Don't we have the greatest husbands. Mine was all for it! I sure love these girls. We had the time of our lives!! And mostly just talked, talked, and talked:) And now we have lots of great memories created. I love this picture......
From left to right, Me, Becki, Alyssa, Diana, and Brooklyn.

No husbands, No kids, Great friends and beach, beach, beach.....What more can a girl want??

Is it but it is the Destin, Florida beach! Ah and was it good stuff!!

My girl......

Brooklyn, from the beginning, has always been so happy, content, fun to be with, lovable, animated, easy going, and such a sweetheart. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Truly she has been so beautiful from the inside out since the day I met her. She is also a great friend, helper, sister, and most of all daughter. I just love this sweet angel!!! I miss those days when I could rock her to sleep. Sorry I just really start to reminisce...........Those were the days:)
I just wanna kiss those lips!!

I love this picture of pure joy!!

I still remember her first birthday.

Man do I love this girl!!! She still loves her stuffed animals.

She can always make us laugh:) Notice the look on her face, she has always been the cleanest eater (lucky for me) I think she just needed to get dirty. Gotta love it!

She has always been a great big sister, even from the beginning.

She's getting older......

Jungle Jims....

the cupcakes for her & her friends.

The camera she has always wanted:)

What a happy child....PRESENTS!

We took the kids to Jungle Jims. They all had a great time!

The family party.

Can you believe my little girl is 5?? I can't and I even made the cake. That was hard to believe also:)

First of first 5k......

Yea, I did it!!! Misty and Tayna are my nieghbors and good friends:)