Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aubrey's favorite person
These were so good!!! they are strawberry... yum... Aubrey ate the WHOLE thing!!
They had to have ears and they were pretty cute.

bug eyes for a bugs life:)

gotta have pretzels and cheese

We loved the tea cups... i'll post more later.....

we headed off to Disneyland again... for Aubrey's 4th birthday!!!

I love her cake!! our cousin made it for her and we celebrated at ous hotel!!! it was so fun

Friday, March 5, 2010

I did not plan this but all my kids matched and looked so cute in BLUE!! I do love blue cause of there blue blue eyes!! I really love my family and we have had a lot of fun together latley! Three kids wears me out at the end of the day but I wouldn't change a thing.... My three wonderful blessings!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Easton gets a post all his own!

First of all because he is so cute!! in one month he will be turning one.... I'm not happy about it!
He looks so so cute in a tie..

Oh my!! I love it!!

He looks just like is DaD!

We sure do love this boy!!!!

Where do I begin......

Three cute, crazy kids:) Why is she so cute?? I'm not ready for her to start school! I love having her home with me!!
I love this picture, he really is the sweetest little boy!

Okay so my bedroom needs a makeover... BADLY! But I love this picture. It is so funny to

They are such good buddies

okay so I have a goal to get some blogging done this weekend. I have been such a slacker and I miss blogging too. I was thinking that with 3 kids, working, being the Y.W. president, trying to keep my house together....something has got to give. I guess one of them has been blogging! Darn! We did manage to get away on vacation for a week and it was so so nice. Now I'm doing some major catch up from that:) We left my boy with grandma and took the girls to Disneyland again!! It was so fun:) But oh boy did I miss him. We had a group of us, Jeff's 2 sister and there families, His mom and dad, his brother, A few cousins, and 2 Aunts. We had a blast!! I will post pictures soon...I promise.