Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have to post some random Aubrey pictures cause the next ones are all about Brooklyn and tomarrow is Brooklyn 5th birthday and I will post all about that later:) So here is a little bit of Aubs!!

I just had to post these pictures. This is the same day as her recital and she came home and put a lion (halloween costume) on over the top. This is what happened when she went to the bathroom and didn't put the swimming suit underneath. lol! Here is my LION......
She actually wears this ALL the time.

Brooklyn being Brooklyn.....

Brooklyn's dance recital was so much fun to watch. They really have some cute outfits. Brooklyn did such a good job and is definitly ready to move to the next level. Aubrey did really good the first hour then her little 2 year old feet were restless. Thanks to Grandma Hatfield they both got there exercise!
Did I mention she knows how to pose for the camera:)

This is one of her dance outfits. It is a swimming suit with a cover up over the top. She is so beautiful and I am so proud of her. She is such a great daughter and is so helpful and smart.

I just found this picture....crazy kid:) It makes me laugh.


We went to the local indoor pool. I can't believe it is still too cold to swim outside!! I love sunglasses on little girls, don't you?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Well we have a very busy weekend. I'm running my first 5k and Brooklyn has a dance recital! I am really looking forward to it. I will post pictures later. Aubrey said to me yesterday morning " I fink daddy's home". I told her he was at work and she says " daddy lobes (loves) Aubrey. She loves her dad and it is soooo cute. Brooklyn is also getting excited to dance on stage and for grandma and grandpa to come and watch her:)