Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catching up.....5 NEW POSTS.....

Her 6 year old photo shoot.....my favorite. love it

All my crazy kids. I can't believe I have 3....

thanks Missy....You are the best!! What can we say, we love your pictures. thanks again:)

Round- up week....

Getting ready for the Rodeo..

Grandma Linda, Aubrey, cousin Sam, Brooklyn, and Cousin Paige lovin' the Rodeo. Don't worry, we got rained on the first hour and it finally led up.

Brooklyn got to be in the parade. She loved it and was a very cute Firefighter:)

My cute boys!! Easton is losing all his handsome hair:( But look at those lips..

Thanksgiving Point....Childrens Discovery Gardens

Summer is finally here:) Tori, Kayli, Aubrey, and Brooklyn had so much fun soakin' in the sun:) Austin and Easton wanted to play.

We had so much fun playin' with our friends. This was the only warm day of the week. Finally some sunshine:) Cute cute Girls!

You gotta love T-ball..


my big boy...oh so cute!! rain rain go away....come again another day:)
All three cuties

Aubry says" mom take a picture" Too cute not too:)

tummy time

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Easton's blessing....

We managed to all get in a picture. I sure do love these guys. I have to admit..I love the day my children get blessed by there dad. With Every single one of them he has been emotional. He probably wouldn't want me to tell anyone this.. but it's too precious to me not to docutment it. You can feel his love for them and I witness that love everyday. He really, truely is the greatest dad ever!! I know that my kids are so LUCKY to have him..And so am I:) this pictures shows the Dunn's in action. Like my husband says...we are not perfect so why look like we are. lol. Oh...and guess why Brooklyn was crying, she was fighting with Aubrey to sit by dad.

I can't forget Ryan....They had a great time and I'm glad I didn't have to get attacked by mesquitos!


My husband doing what he does best......And he looks so young, right??? He says he can't wait to retire and do more fishing....we shall see. Large mouth bass, This was a first for him. What a catch:)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

These are NOT in order....sorry

Little Aubs and Brylee at Brooklyn's birthday party. Swimming party, of course. This was taken 2 days ago and I can't stand how fast he is changing:( but we sure do love him!

Brooklyn's classroom

She had a dance festival that was really fun to watch.

All about Brooklyn....

Easton and Booklyn look so much a like. Of course it's the cutest smile ever and she pulls one of these:) lol. What can you do:)
Man, she had a TON of hair. She was about 2 months old in this picture. LOVE IT!!

And now she is 6!! She is such a sweetheart. Brooklyn loves to swim!! She had a fun swim party on the last day of school. Yea...no more kindergarden. She is the best big sister ever! She loves animals and will probably grow up to be a vet someday:) She is very very sensative, which is a good thing but can drive us crazy. We are so happy she is part of our family and we love you lots!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finally a moment to blog.....

Are you ready for lots and lots of pictures?? These are in order from most recent and then it goes to younger.....I can't get over those cheeks:) They recieve about a thousand kisses a day! Oh, he is getting a little belly. I love his static hair from the couch. lol.
Anyone want a kiss??!! I DO!

His eyes are starting to go so so blue and we are in love!

I just love my little man. It's like dress up all over again. So handsome

His first pictures of his priceless smile. The girls love getting his big smile:)

I love those lips. He is still just an angel boy. I can't believe what a good baby he is. He is a keeper.

We love the mountains. It was fun to go up the canyon and relax with the Whimpeys. I love this picture of her.

Barbara was lovin' on Easton so he isn't in the picture. Darn.

Aubs just bein' Aubs

Brooklyn and Dad got to hike the Y with Grandpa. They had a blast!

If I didn't know any better I would say this was Brooklyn. Crazy how much your babies can look a like.

So needless to say I miss blogging but I have had more important things to do, Like holding baby Easton 24/7. I cannot get ENOUGH of this little guy. We all just love him to pieces. Soon he will not want to snuggle with me and he will have to keep up with his sisters. Until then... I guess I will just be slow at everything else!!! And thats okay:)