Monday, October 29, 2007

Brooklyn fell asleep after our family pictures and she looked so peaceful. Aubrey's new thing is to color and she concentrates so hard and gets really close to the pages, it is really cute.

Here is were Aubs like to hang out while I do hair sometimes. It cracks me up when I find her there. She really isn't doing anything wrong jus hanging out. This time she was wearing sister back pack. A great time for a picture.

We had truck or treat on friday night so the girls already got dressed up. A lion and a unicorn. I wanted them to go together but it didn't happen. Oh well, Brooklyn just made sure they were both animals. It is so fun and adorable to see your kids in Halloween costumes. I love it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crazy 8's

8 things I'm passionate about
1. my husband and my two girls
2. being healthy
3. my religion
4. motherhood
5. being a hairstylist
6. vacations
7. my great friends
8. being a close family

8 things I say often
1. please stop.
2. say thank you
3. be nice to your sister
4. I love you, honey
5. don't spill
6. have a good day
7. there is my sunshine
8. get your shoes on

8 things I want to do before I die
1. raise my children
2. grow old with my husband
3. move somewhere exciting
4. become a really great listener
5. have grandkids
6. travel
7. stay healthy
8. go on a mission with my husband

8 things I have learned this year
1. I have more patience than I thought
2. I love having girls days with my mom and sisters
3. having two girls is sooo fun
4. Preschool is the best
5. my 4 year old is smarter than me
6. after 6 1/2 years my marriage is amazing!!
7. I love my life
8. I am sooo very blessed it brings me to tears

Monday, October 22, 2007

THANK YOU MISSY FOR TAKING MY FAMILY PICTURES. THEY TURNED OUT SO CUTE!! Anyone can check her work , just click on my link (missy and shawn) and go to The flicka link on her page.
I love this one of me and my hubby, but Aubrey is crying because she wanted to go see the ducks.
Brooklyn and Aubrey and so cute together!

New family pictures!! I love this one because it's not the traditional pose.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

This is our rabbit named "bunny". We have had him for about 3 years now. He has a cage in the backyard but in the summer time we just let him hop around the yard. He is really cute. Well, this last friday he past away in his cage. I don't know why but Jeff looked online and there life expectancy is only 2 to 5 years. It was sad because Brooklyn was teary eyed and just kept saying, I'm not crying. I said it was okay to cry. Anyway, I don't know if we will get a new bunny or not. We'll just have to see.

My cousin Julie took this family photo at Grandpa's viewing. It is the most recent one of the Dunn family. I loved the beautiful mountains in the background. And the fact that my girls are both looking the right way!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This last weekend Jeff made us some yummy pancakes and of course he had helpers!! If you can't tell, Brooklyn is her Halloween Costume. I don't think she has taken it off since.haha.
These beautiful fall leaves are on our backyard fence. She was more than happy to pose for the pictures. Thanks Brooklyn.
Now that I am officially a blog happy girl I LOVE taking pictures. Aubrey has a favorite blanket and this is it=-)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I have been remenissing about the past and this is Brooklyn at one and a half. I love this costume. And is funny how your own kids always look sooo cute!! Aubrey wore this last year. Halloween is so fun when you have kids and they stock up your candy stash.
This is soooo cute. It's Brooklyn when she was only 2!!
These are just a few good ones I though I might add. We have a lot of recent ones still on our camera. Brooklyn is in Jeff's High school pads and jersery.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Brooklyn managed to snap another picture. I am trying to grow my hair out. It has been about 10 years since I had long hair. We will see if I can last. I sound old saying 10 years. Oh well, 27 is getting up there=-)

If you can't tell my husband is a really funny guy. He cracks me up because he can't smile fake for a picture. He just looks tough instead. Thats okay, I know the real deal=-)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jeff's grandpa past away on Sunday, September 23rd and his funeral was last Thursday. We miss grandpa Dunn, but the sweetest reunion is that he is with his sweet wife again. She pasted away about 20 years ago and he has missed her ever since. What a time to reflect and look back on your own life and the blessings that we all have. I just wanted to jot some of mine down. I have such great parents and siblings. I don't know where I would be without them!! My husband who is so patient, smart, loving, funny, spiritual, humble, Christlike, and on and on. He teaches me everyday. I love that he makes me a better person. I feel so blessed to have two beautiful, fun, healthy children. I am so thankful for my own health. For the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am happy I live in this free country and get to enjoy my own agency. I hope that death can bring celebration to life. I hope I can live my life with no regrets and live in the moment with my children. Right now I just want them to stay little. We do not remember everyday, we rememeber moments=-)
These were taken right before church this last sunday. That is my favorite smile!! Jeff just said "let me see a smile". She is changing and growing sooo much. I love you, Aubrey.

If you are wondering were my family is on a friday night. Here we are at one of the Lone Peak football games. My twin nephews are Seniors this year and they play on the team. My husband said he was going to every game. I didn't know how serious he was=-)

This is it! Well, it is a start=-)
This is the last room in the house to get painted and I don't know when I will get to because I have 9 foot ceiling and it will be a lot harder. I want color really bad, though. It's boring!!!

Here is part of my room.

kitchen. This is Brooklyn's room. We went with orange and she loves it. I need some curtains really bad, but I think it turned out pretty good. I keep forgeting to get a picture of Aubrey's room because I think of it when she is asleep.

This is my home. The car in the driveway is not mine. It's my clients.

I Love when people post
pictures of their house
on their blog so this is for those of you who
have never been here before. enjoy. I wanted to show you
pictures of my salon. I spend a lot of time here.
My kids do too. I have a four level split house so
this is in the half basement.

I love all the light that comes through. It doesn't feel like a basement.

don't you just want to jump through the picture and get your hair done. haaa.

Monday, October 1, 2007

I think she took this pictures of herself. 4 year olds are funny!
I love this one. It is so genuin.