Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh so fast......

My handsome little man is getting SO BIG, sniff sniff......He has the brightest blue eyes, the sweetest smile, the kissyest lips, and the cutest laugh......we are so in love:)
A few days after this picture I cut what was left of the mohawk....sad day:(
Handsome boy after church

And then there is these two cuties! They are so fun and getting so big. They are both a huge help and they love love their brother:) I'm so blessed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy fourth of JULY!!!!

I love this holiday and don't really know why:) And I love dressing up my kids so patriotic. I love love love this picture!! Can I kiss them all!! Just in our own backyard this year:)


After such a long winter I'm happy it's finally here!! I love summer and this year I even love the heat!!
Cute baby sleeps through it all:)

I love this picture...

You gotta have cotton candy at the carnival:)

We finally have the heat and summer is halfway through:( I hope everyone is having a good one:)