Saturday, March 10, 2012

Disneyland Feb 2012!!!

I look nice and big in this one... Love all the palm Trees!
Swimming and the Beach had to be included in this trip!
Jeff LOVES the ocean! We were only 12 miles from the beach so after Disneyland we made a stop

Character Breakfast!

Goofy's roller coaster, my family is on the front. Easton loved it! It's the only roller coaster he could go on and he would have braved them all.

Cousins with Sully:)

Brooklyn is in the front on the left, Aunt Diane and uncle Brian is behind her and cousin Sammy. Screaming was her FAVORITE ride:)
We did 5 days of Disneyland and I think we all could have stayed MORE! It was so much fun!
By the time we got home I only had 7 weeks left in my pregnacy. I still had a lot of fun! Certain things would have been easyier not being pregnant though:) Grandpa and Grandma Dunn and Jeff's two sisters Diane and Amber came with there families. What a vacation!!
Cousin Chase, Aubrey, Brooklyn, and cousin Irene came for the day. This is the Toy Story ride.
His favorite Characters:)

Nice picture! Aubrey is posing:)

Happy Birthday Aubrey!!!

She is now 6, she has always been a poser and Loves the color PINK! She is a daddy's girl and a girly girl through and through:) We love our little Aubs!!!!

Prego picture:)

okay so these were taken Jan. 7th but our computer crashed, now we have a new one that works great!! horray so I will need to do some catching up....