Friday, February 22, 2008


A look back.............Ohhhh, I can't believe you are already 2!!

We got some darling birthday pictures done at Kiddie Kandids if you want to check them out go to: Sitting# 5249806 code# 642WDW8 Fill free to comment about it on my blog so I know you saw them:)

Happy birthday Aubrey, we love you so much!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My hair is getting so LONG, yea!!
SNOW SNOW SNOW, I'm ready for some sunshine!!

Do you like daddy's slippers??

They were playing cowgirls at grandma Dunn's house.

Okay more cruise pictures. Back to reality, dang it!! Is it just me or did my girls get bigger and cuter while I was gone:)

Friday, February 8, 2008


You know you are on vacation when you CHOOSE to be up early enough to see this.
You gotta love it!!! No words for this picture:)

Hear is a sample of my appetizer EVERY night. But it tastes even BETTER than it looks....yummm.

Jeff needed one last look at the ocean blue.

This is the life!! Why would anyone want to come home and shovel snow?!! This was the last day to take it all in. I decided to take full advantage:)

The cruise had a rock wall on it so I thought what the heck, I'll give it a try. It is way harder than it looks!!
If any of you are wondering why I'm not answering my phone.......I am way to busy booking my next cruise!!!! Hope to see you there:)

I've been tagged!

10 years ago:
I was a Senior in High School and loving life! I had no idea how much responibility being an adult would be:)

5 things on my to do list today:
I have 3 hair appointments
do my dishes
make SOMETHING for dinner
get ready for the day
go to a wedding reception tonite

Things I enjoy
vacations, music, food when I don't have to cook it, having a good time with
friends, and hearing my girls laughing in the other room.

3 of my bad habits
being awnry when my house is a mess
bitting my nails
I grined my teeth in my sleep

5 places I have lived
New York, for 1 year

5 jobs I have had
Hogi Yogi
Hair dresser
mother, that says it all!

5 things people don't know about me
I hate to cook, I really do. I sometimes wonder why we have to eat.
I actually love to workout. It makes me stay sane. I have to!
I can't wait until I don't have to work and I can just hang out with my kids. April!!
I really, really want to move out of state. I think it would be so fun!!
I wish dessert was a main course. I love sweets!! I have a bad sweet tooth.

5 people I am tagging......missy, mom, brooklyn, brittany, and becki.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Notice the iquanna in between the rocks. It was huge!! Chicko just called it a Mexican squirral.


The beaches were just to dye for!!

Craig, Jeff's brother came with us on this excertion. It was so fun to ride horses in the jungle. We rode for 1 and 1/2 hours and halfway through the trail we were running on our horses. It was awesome!! Don't worrry, I was a little sore the next day.

This is Chicko our guide on the ranch. He was soo funny!!

Notice how turquise blue the water is:)

I was cool how we docked right next to another cruise ship. See the over hang to your left, that is the Hot tub we were in everynight. The ocean looked so amazing!

This is an area wear we snorkled. It was so fun!

Monday, February 4, 2008


My father-in law, Curtis, Barbra, Dave, Richard, Darby, Brian, Riley, and Me. We rode on the front on the boat. The water is beautiful!!

Here we go.....we are going to swim with the Sting Rays!!

If you see any dark circles, those are the sting rays. All those people are swimming with them. I was so scared to get in the water. It was pretty weird when they would swim by you and brush up against you!! My brother-in-law had a underwater video camera. It looks so awesome!! If I can figureout how to download it, I will.

I love the color of the water.

Here is the beach! Just some random people. It was hot and the water was so refreshing!!

Sting ray towel.

Friday, February 1, 2008


AHHHHH! Being a girl!
Brooklyn and Aubrey have birthdays coming up and I'm not ready for them to grow up. I just had to post some pictures of my girlies because they weren't are the cruise with us and they are such cuties!!

Aubrey got a tickle me Elmo for Christmas and she just loves it. I love, love this picture of her. She looks so grown up:(

Brooklyn is so cute! I wanted to take pictures of her in her daddy's hat and of course she strikes a pose:) gotta love it!

Formal Night

So Jeff wanted a picture out on the deck. It was a nice thought......but it was a tad bit windy!!!lol I thought it would be funny to add this picture. It is the WORST!!
Jeff's mom and dad. They are so awesome! Okay so notice the yellow pants? My hubby must be really cute because who wears yellow pants?! He bought the suit at DI and he was supposed to be funny. We got it dry cleaned and bought a new tie and he pulled it off. He looked sharp!


Isn't this cool! We just walked by this area on our way to the beach!
Some Jamacian mon tring to make some money. He was pretty tricky!

Shopping with the family.

Me and my hubby with Jamaica Hair:)

I told you.

Brian (brother-in-law) Craig (Jeff's little brother) and Jeff enjoying the view of Jamaica from the ship.