Tuesday, July 19, 2011

reading stories!!

Random and catching up

Nachos anyone!!!! she loves getting her hair done and its a good thing! she just looked so grown up to me this day

sister pictures!

my uncle doug let my kids go for a ride!! it was fun:)

I love chocotlate chip cookies!! too much!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

spring football

Love it..

My oldest daughter is 8! As a mom, things changed as she has turned 8. I feel like she will grow up without me taking in all the little things, In 4 years she will be 12, she is so smart, she is my friend, in 10 years she will be 18, she is so responsible, she has such a huge heart, and most of all I love her so much and I hope I can teach her all she needs to know while she is still my little girl:) She looks like an angel! Being 8 IS great! There is something special about turning 8 and being baptized. Where do the years go....

my bff's daughter turned 8 one week later and we can't help but capture moments like this.... thanks missy:)!!!