Monday, March 31, 2008


We had a wonderful Easter weekend and I'm so glad we had great weather. Expecially since this last weekend it SNOWED:( I am so ready for spring. She is going down the slide head first, Aubs is definitly our dare devil. Crazy kid:)

Brooklyn and her cousin Pagie:) These girls are so cute and they could just play and play all day.

Aubrey with her favorite person ever, daddy:)

Spoiled little girls. Look at all that candy! And that is just from the Easter egg Hunt at Grandma Dunn's house.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


What beautiful girls. We had so much fun!!!
Bailey, Brooklyn, Samatha, Brilee, and Paige. Brooklyn had such a blast with her cousins at Pricess wishes, Disney on Ice.

Mother Daughter date night.



Brooklyn's dance class has these pink tubs that will be props for swimming pools. And yes her dance teacher is due with a baby in April:)

The girls got home from there friend's birthday party were they got these cute sun glasses. It was even a nice spring day today, yea!!

I love it, she can wear pigtails :)

This is the cutest picture of Aubrey and her dad looking at our fish tank. Sorry for the glare on the tank.

Friday, March 14, 2008


We have a new annual tradition. Me and the girls take the day and do whatever it is girls do......SHOP, SHOP, SHOP. Every March something has to happen without husbands and kids. We went to Park City and shopped the outlets. It was so fun!! This is from left to right, My cousin Melanie, Aunt Mary, and cousin Cathie. Cute mother daughter picture!! We didn't have as many girls this year cause last year there were 12. Sorry but....your loss. Me and two of my sisters!! They are so cute. Everyone should do a girls day. It is a great way to rejuvinate:) Thanks to those who came.......until next year!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I know that there is laundry I need to fold and dishes I need to wash, But I decided to blog pictures of my family instead. Way more fun!!!

My Brooklyn

What would we do with out Brooklyn?? She loves to pretend and is soooo good at it:)

You gotta love it!! She has been begging me to let her swim with these flippers on. And it is really cute.

She is my American Idol!!

Aubrey's birthday. They both eat all the frosting off and don't touch the cake. Thats the best part, right?! She is such a smart, sweet, girl. Brooklyn is so helpful and loves to play with her friends.

Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey

Aubrey has to be the funniest little girl. We are always laughing at her and she is sooo loveable!!

We had cupcakes on her birthday and cake and ice cream at my mom's house 2 days later. Sorry it took so long to post pictures. They turned out really cute, though.

She is concentrating on those candles:)

My cute little nephew, Will, blew out the candles for her so we had to relight them. It was so funny. He will be three one week after Aubrey. She definitly took too long to blow them out. He was quick:)

I love her smile. She is the biggest sweetheart and we cannot get enough of her!! I am excited to add to my family some day and see was personalities will come into our home. Aubs is just a joy!

Fluffy, Brooklyn's love

Our crazy cat, Fluffy. I put my pile of laundry in the chair and headed back to the dryer to get the rest of them and there he was. I just plopped the armful right on top of him. AAAHHHH.........warm towels:) Lazy cat!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

My husband!!

I love, love this picture.
I love this saying: You know you are in love.......
when reality is finally better than your dreams.

I have such a great guy that I thought it would be fun to share him for a moment.........

What's his name? Jeffrey Paul Dunn

How long did you date? Let's see, 3 months but we were friends for 5 months first. I didn't even think he liked me that much.
How old is he? 29
How old are you?
Who eats more sweets? That one is a toss up... we both have a pretty bad sweet tooth. I would have to say him.
Who said I love you first? He did and it was so cute because I already knew he did before he ever said it:) (thats how great he treats me, I told you I was Lucky)
Who is taller? Him
Who can sing better? I don't know..... I love it when he sings and he has some great dancing moves too!
Who is smarter? He is, I have to say he has taught me a lot in our marrage and I am thankful for it.
Who does the laundry? me.
Who does the dishes? He helps me everytime.
Who pays the bills?
I have since he has been in school.
His guilty pleasure? He loves fishing! And going to sporting events!! But he always puts family first and most of the time we go with him.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I get up to exercise and so we switch depending on who gets up earlier.
Who mows the lawn? him
Besides you, who is his best friend? It is me but if I have to say someone, I would say his dad and his friend Danny. They go way back.
Who cooks dinner? It is kinda sad but we both hate to cook. So I do, yuck!
Who is more subborn? I have to say we are both pretty passive people, but I would say him.
Who kissed who first?
He kissed me.
Who asked who out first? He asked me out but he said he was indebted to me for the free haircut!!
What was your first date? We walked to the movie theater and he fell asleep on my shoulder. Then we walked back and had a really good talk. I felt like I could just be myself right away.
Who purposed? He did at a resturant. He had it all planned and the waitress brought me a dozen roses with the ring attached. The resturant was in Logan canyon and we hit a deer on the way home!!
Who has more siblings? He does by 1.
Who wears the pants? this sounds cheezy but we really do work good together and I think we are pretty equal and just help eachother. I feel really blessed:)
What is your favorite thing about him? I have a list......I love his sense of humor and always making me laugh. I love how he carries himself. He doesn't worry about what other people think of him. He is always happy and everyone is attracted to him, including me! He is honest and fun to be with. Most of all he loves me for me and makes me feel important. I know that my girls are so lucky to have him for a dad. He will help them through life just by his great example. We love you, honey!!

I tag anyone who wants to brag about there hubby.