Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So its April and that is CRAZY!! I'm a little behind...

First I need to tell you about brooklyn's new pet ( well she got it for christmas) She loves loves her. It is a dwarf hamster! I don't think it will get much bigger and she hasn't got sick of her yet. I have story after story about this little princess.... (that is her name) at 2 days old it ran off her bunk bed. the cat hide under the bed, she dropped it and the cat grabbed it, threw it into the air and brooklyn caught it in mid air. one morning it was missing, the cage was not closed all the way and the cat got it, took it down stairs and we found the cat looking for her in the laundry room. I moved and hamper and there she was. ..........just to name a few:)
She is pretty cute!
Jeff and I celebrated our 10 YEAR wedding anniversary... Jeff says of the last 10 years.... Bliss! I like the sound of that:) he is so good to me, I'm so lucky to have him and we spent the weekend in Logan. It was fun!!